Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Hilltop 2019 Day 1

We are here, we are happy, we have been challenging ourselves and we have been having fun! Teamwork has been excellent- what a great start to our stay...

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Christmas 2018

We have had an exciting Christmas in Kestrels class.
Joshua's family very kindly brought in some fantastic cakes for us to enjoy!
Kestrels class were very grateful of the delicious cakes.
Thank you 🍰.

Don't they look delicious? 

Monday, 26 November 2018

Year 6 Cycling Proficiency

Year 6 were really excited to take part in their Bike Ability course. The first morning was spent developing the use of steering, braking and using gears within our school grounds. The rest of the course took place on the road to develop their cycling and road safety skills. This was a really good course which provided numerous life skills to use in the future.
Well done Year 6 and thank you to all parents for bringing bikes into school.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Tag Rugby November 2018

Kestrels class were pleased to take part in this years Tag Rugby competition at Diss High School. 
The class were divided into two teams and competed against other schools within our local area. 

Bressingham 2 team.

Bressingham 1 team.

Both teams showed excellent examples of sportsmanship and team work and the event was enjoyed by all. Out of 16 teams from local schools Bressingham 1 achieved 5th place and Bressingham 2 achieved 7th place. A wonderful achievement- well done to all of Kestrels class. An especial well done to Joshua who gained a Sportsmanship award as well.

Parachute investigation

Kestrels enjoyed completing a parachute investigation to further develop our understanding of forces. First, groups agreed upon the elements needed for a successful parachute and the impact of gravity and air resistance. Some groups decided to investigate changing the size of the parachute, while others focused on the type of material the parachute was made from. Fair testing was a vital part of this activity, and one variable was changed in each investigation. 

We carefully recorded our results in a table and repeated each test three times to increase the degree of trust in our results. We then used the results to calculate the average time so we could make comparisons and conclusions.

We concluded the largest size of the parachute was the most effective as it took the longest time to reach the ground. This parachute increased air resistance and reduced gravity.
The best material for the parachute was either the plastic bag or the bin bag. Groups concluded that these materials were flexible and captured the air easily so made the most effective parachutes.

Many groups shared interesting ideas for further investigations: changing the load on the end of the parachute, changing the length of the string on the parachute, changing the weight of the load and investigating a greater range of materials. 

Well done to all Kestrels for some interesting scientific learning.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Amazing Adventures of Superstan!

Our dress rehearsal has gone well, watched by the whole school- so exciting! We are now looking forward to performing our play to friends and family. Yippee!

Tremendous Year 5 and Year 6- well done to you all for today, and good luck in your performance!