Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mexico or U.K.? Soup and bread!

As part of our topic on Latin America, we are making soups and breads using seasonal ingredients from Mexico or the United Kingdom. 

Today we have continued our research and preparations for next Tuesday's tasting session, to which our families will be invited!

Looking forward to the tasting!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Multicultural Games

Every class in the school had a session with Mr Massey today, learning different games from around the world. This will help us with ideas for new games to play at playtime, to help to keep us fit! At the end of the morning, everyone came together to show some of the games they had played.

Flags being held up show where games we learned about today are played. This isn't even all of the flags!

Here are some of us doing some French Skipping, with elastics. Mr Massey told us that this game actually originated in China about 250 years ago!

Some new French Skipping elastics have been purchased for use at playtimes; fun that will carry on from today...

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

What is the climate like in different parts of the world? Mini-biomes...

In Geography we have been researching biomes. These are parts of the world with a distinct climate and associated plant and animal-life. 

Now that we know what the climate is like in those different biomes- how much precipitation they have and the temperatures they experience- we are trying to re-create those conditions in a plastic cup! The cups are now spread around the school, including the temperate woodland under a cool bench, the tundra biome in the freezer and the rainforest wedged behind a radiator!

We will wait to see how the grass seed grows in these different biomes...