Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Testing materials for hardness

As part of our Science curriculum, we have been testing materials to compare how hard they are. Which would be the best for making a kitchen work top?

We used a nail to scratch each material as a test for hardness. We agreed to have the same person in each group scratching each material to keep the test fair. Different groups decided on their own method for recording results. Many of us devised our own rating key to record accurate results.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Spelling Team names and members

The 2017-18 Kestrel Class spelling teams have been announced. We have:

Team Scorpion

Team Unicorn

The Sunnyside Squad

Each team member will have a personal spelling list to learn each week- often words from their own work, or from the National Curriculum lists. They can earn points for their team according to how many spellings they learn and each week a Player of the Week will be chosen for each team, together with an overall Most Valuable Player!

Who will be the first? 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Try an unusual sport

Here we are, trying an unusual sport- tae kwon do...

Family lunches

We had a trial of family service lunches last term and it was very successful. The aim is for the older children to help the younger children at the tables, helping the older children to develop their caring and leadership roles within the school and encouraging the younger children to be confident with the older children. The idea is to enjoy a family atmosphere, also following table etiquette, like waiting for everybody to be seated before starting to eat and for everybody to be finished before leaving the table.

It was lovely today to see the new children so well cared for and the older children glowing with pride in their roles. Well done to you all...

The Blitz

Today we began our World War 2 project: Bombs, Aircraft and Evacuees. Here we are making some models of gas masks. Tomorrow we will have to hide away, wearing our gas masks when we hear the air raid siren, as people had to during The Blitz.

Here we are, hiding beneath our tables as we listen to the air raid sirens, then the falling bombs, explosions and fires, followed by the all clear siren...

This drama experience will help when we write a description of The Blitz, as well as being exciting.