Friday, 26 May 2017

Chick update

The chicks are 9 days old  and already you can see the feathers growing.

As you can see the chicks are continuing to grow - it's probably all that food they are eating!

Today they are leaving school and going back to the egg man Mr Hawes to be reared; who know we might incubate their eggs one day !

Monday, 22 May 2017

Chick update, about one week after hatching...

Here are the chicks today:

Some are growing adult feathers on their wings!

We have taken turns to hold the chicks gently, over a couple of days. Here are some photos...

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Chicks arrive!

After 22 days incubating, our eggs have hatched! The excitement began on Tuesday morning, when Kestrel Class arrived to find that 4 of the chicks were pipping: starting to break through their shells, to hatch. 

Number one chick emerged at about 5pm, so one lucky class member, who had been at after- school club was first to see it and it was also filmed as it hatched...

Then by Wednesday morning, this sight awaited us...four chicks!

And number five at lunchtime on Wednesday- a bit smaller and weaker- so later in the day we moved three of the first-hatched chicks into a brooder to give the two smaller chicks some space. It is incredible how much they have developed in less than a day!

The remaining egg hadn't developed and we hope that these five will be OK; we will have to wait and see...

Friday, 12 May 2017

Funky Friday

It has become tradition for year 6 to have a Funky Friday after SATs, a  chance for Year 6 to let their hair down a bit, so dressed in their Leaver's  hoodies  we had some fun.

Making biscuits, fruit kebabs and sandwiches to eat for lunch.

Looks delicious! 

In the afternoon, Kestrels did a different sort of P.E.

Where's my mummy!  Both year 5 and 6 worked hard throughout the week in SATs and other tests - well done !

End of SATs

After a long four days of SATS, Kestrels were ready for some fun and fresh air.  Mrs Gilbert found up some scavenger hunts and away we went.  Can you guess what we made ?

 Did they float?

Can you guess what we made?

A giant nest from what we found in the willow area! 

Year 5 Maths Games

As year sweated over SATs , year 5 designed and made Maths games for Reception,year 1 and year 2.
They  had great fun and this afternoon they presented their games to the younger pupils.

Looks like the games were a success !

Fire starters !!


Kestrels have been writing instructions on how to build a campfire; last Thursday and Friday , they got the chance to try out their instructions. 
"Fire building can be a great way to improve your teamwork,so on a cold ,dark evening, go a find some friends or family to help you." (Henry). 

First loosely arrange the tinder , in the centre of your fire pit. If you use paper tie it in a knot.

Get your kindling and arrange them so they are positioned above the tinder.

Select your logs and place them in a tepee shape.

Grab your lighter, light your leaves. Now you can sit back and watch the flames dance- so much better than watching T.V. 

Whilst we waited for the fire to heat up we sang campfire songs.

When the fire was white-hot, we toasted marshmallows.

I think we all enjoyed learning how to build a fire and toasting marshmallows!