Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas and Tudors

This week, we have been doing an RE topic about Christmas and Tudors. We have found out about figures involved in the Christmas story and symbols linked to Christmas. Finally we discovered that some of the Tudor monarchs had a great impact on religion in England.

We enjoyed lighting candles, one of the symbols of Christmas...

When we turned the lights out, the children were moved and someone started to sing; everybody joined in, singing Christmas songs and carols. It was a special moment that we enjoyed together.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Bressingham's got talent- our own talent show!

Our Key Stage 2 Project Group have arranged a talent show for the whole school and today's the day for both the auditions and the final.

Here are the Kestrel Class entries, together with the Key Stage 2 Project Group. 

A huge thank you to those who took part and those who arranged the competition. We are looking forward to the final!

Here are some of us on stage...

This is another of our 100 memorable events...Bressingham truly does have talent!

Following are some photos from the final. It was amazing- fantastic support from children and parents/careers, superb announcers from our Key Stage 2 Project Group and three specially invited judges...

Well done and thank you to everybody involved.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Mexico or U.K.? Bread-making and family tasting of soups and breads

A day of excitement started with making our Mexican and English breads...

Preparing the tables for the tasting session, including questionnaires to get feedback about how the soups taste to inform our evaluations...

Thank you to all who visited to taste our soups and breads- there was such a lovely atmosphere in our classroom and the children really enjoyed sharing their foods with you...

Once our visitors had tasted, it was our turn!

For our 100 memorable events, we have made a meal for others to enjoy...

Well done to Kestrel Class; you were so responsible and welcoming. You have made everybody very proud.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Decorations Afternoon

Some Kestrel Class pupils took the lead of mixed age groups today, helping the younger children as they moved around the school to carry out different craft activities. Our purpose was to work together  with older and/ or younger children and make decorations for home or school. As always, behaviour was exemplary and the children supported one another beautifully. Well done to all!

Today's group leaders...

Festive activities...

Happy Christmas to everyone.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mexico or U.K.? Soup and bread!

As part of our topic on Latin America, we are making soups and breads using seasonal ingredients from Mexico or the United Kingdom. 

Today we have continued our research and preparations for next Tuesday's tasting session, to which our families will be invited!

Looking forward to the tasting!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Multicultural Games

Every class in the school had a session with Mr Massey today, learning different games from around the world. This will help us with ideas for new games to play at playtime, to help to keep us fit! At the end of the morning, everyone came together to show some of the games they had played.

Flags being held up show where games we learned about today are played. This isn't even all of the flags!

Here are some of us doing some French Skipping, with elastics. Mr Massey told us that this game actually originated in China about 250 years ago!

Some new French Skipping elastics have been purchased for use at playtimes; fun that will carry on from today...