Sunday, 24 June 2018

Great Yarmouth- Tuesday 5th June 2018

In Geography, we are finding out about a different place in the UK and it is Great Yarmouth, a large coastal town. Today we visited, to find out more, by carrying out a survey of land use, and completing shopping and leisure surveys with people we met there. We can compare these results with those we collect in Bressingham, using our Statistics Maths skills...

Also we visited the Tolhouse Museum, which is a former gaol, from hundreds of years ago. Here we found out more about crime and punishment in the 17th and 18th centuries- a topic we found out about earlier in the year.

Finally, we achieved some of our 100 memorable events, as we travelled by public transport and jumped over waves in the sea. The travelling was made more memorable by the fact that we missed our connecting train from Norwich to Yarmouth and had to wait for an hour at Norwich Station, entertaining ourselves with everything from planning imaginary journeys using timetable information to doing word searches and even making up a rap about it!

Owl Visit-The Raptor Trust- Wednesday 23rd May 2018

We have been finding out about raptors and particularly owls, linked to reading Skellig by David Almond: we are collecting information, ready to write some non-chronological reports about Owls or Raptors, to make a class book. To bring this to life, we have been very lucky to have a visit from the Raptor Trust, bringing a Little Owl and an Indian Eagle Owl.

A wonderful experience for us all, to be with these amazing animals...

A very memorable event...

Fantastic Friday- 18th May 2018

Hooray for Fantastic Friday! Year 6 have finished their SATs and can have a day of free choice- playing cards and other games, drawing, making films, cooking and making their own picnic lunch, eating it on the field, then playing some very silly games! A well-deserved day of fun!

Great day!