Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bressingham Church visit

On Thursday, as part of RE ,Kestrels class  visited Bressingham Church and we became Buildings archaeologists for an hour  and half. It was fascinating! 

Matthew Champion, a Buildings archaeologist ran the workshop. We had to find out what different parts of the church were called and when they were built. parts of Bressingham Church are Medieval but the pews weren't put in till the Tudor times!

The font had 13 different window designs on it.

Some parts of the pews were built in the Jacobean times.

Matthew explained and showed us examples of medieval graffiti -  Bressingham  church has many examples.

These  are examples carved by the bell ringers. You can see the dates range from 1764 - 1961.

These circles are medieval - they are to ward off witches!

If you shine a torch across the stone , the 'graffiti' becomes quite clear.

Kestrels class had a really interesting time finding out about the history of their local church.

On Friday, Canon Tony Billet visited the class to talk about and answer the children's questions about what the Church does for the community.

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